Miksmaster's Crew

Our Journey Thus Far

Our beginning adventures

We met in a tavern. The group of us exiting saw a wealthy merchant in panic. His wife had gone missing and his caravan was raided. The reward was worth the struggle as we back-traced the tracks to a cave. Through many battles with goblins we eventually locate the king. Mid battle, he decides to leave. After completion, we make chase and notice a pair of lovely legs kicking while we hear screaming. The missing wife! We all presumed. For some of us it was too late, it was a Medusa. For the lucky few, we made it past and defeated the goblin King. We returned, freeing our friends from Medusa’s stone grasp and returned to the merchant with his wife and two of his guards. The merchant is grateful and hands us some fancy jewelry and gold to pay for our quest. This was nice but an obvious beginning for what is to come.
In our travels we make it to the town known as Oakhurst. Sitting in a local tavern, we notice a man stumble frantically into the tavern, noticing us specifically asking us to find the lost local adventurers. They went down to the Sunless Citadel and have been gone for months. Again, with clever tactical use and battle skills, we manage our way through the Citadel. However, one of the adventurers has died during his efforts in battle. We come to this tree which gives off the most evil of auras. This tree seems to be controlling what appears to be two of the missing adventurers. We battle vigorously and defeat the enemy and the tree, freeing the Citadel of darkness as well as the adventurers. The city of Oakhurst is thankful for returning back with the adventurers and their gratitude is prominent throughout the city. As we leave we say goodbye and on our way for the next inevitable quest ahead of us.



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